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Leafing Fabric Waste Behind


Today, I wanted to showcase another product we've just launched that I'm super excited about!

As those who follow ColieCo know, we are constantly looking for ways to minimise our carbon footprint and cut down on waste and energy consumption in our studio.

Our cutting processes are optimised to ensure minimal textile wastage, and all of our garments are handmade to order, ensuring that we are left with no end-of-line surplus stock. I am also pretty proud to say that the ColieCo studio is powered by 80%+ renewable energy.

This does not mean that we produce zero waste... yet!

I have been working on some ideas around how we can use up the tiniest pieces of offcut fabrics for a while...


Developing ideas to reduce fabric waste


...and as a result have developed a fun and cute new design - the LEAF low rise panties!

To produce the LEAF panties, we gather up all of the tiny scraps of fabric that we keep in a separate fabric offcuts bin in the studio. We sort the scraps and then cut out small leaf-shaped pieces all of the same size from the leftover fabric.

Each leaf is then individually shaped and delicately sewn on to one of a set of light, curved structural elastic strips. These elastic strips are in turn sewn on to a supporting pair of high quality mesh panties, all coming together to create soft, colourful ruffles of volume and texture.


Ruffles of fabric leaves


The LEAF panties, which we've made available in both black and white power mesh, I see being worn under a voluminous skirt or as a fun item in the boudoir with one of our sheer bras (I'd suggest one of the MIDNIGHT or MARSHMALLOW bralettes - but mix and match how you like!).

And here's the finished article...


LEAF low rise panties


Let us know via the usual social media channels what you think of this idea for cutting down waste even further in the ColieCo studio and your ideas for how you would sport the LEAF panties!

Nicole x

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