ColieCo proudly operates on an eco-centric basis.

This means that care for the environment is at the heart of our business decision-making and ingrained in our business model.

Materials and sourcing

We use a range of sustainable materials in the production of our garments. These include:

  • Naturally eco-friendly materials, like our organic cotton jersey and our jersey and silk fabrics made from organically-grown bamboo processed in safe, closed-loop processes
  • Fabrics made from recycled materials, like the 100% RPET recycled polyester used in our PORTO range, which is made primarily from reconstituted plastic bottles
  • Reclaimed fast fashion industry line ends and dead stock - material that large manufacturers and retailers were otherwise consigning to waste, including all of our power mesh and all of the printed scuba jersey fabric used in our Floral Prints collection
  • Laser printed fabrics, which compared with industrially-dyed fabrics create very little water waste.

Where possible, we work with local manufacturers and suppliers to limit the transit of materials from source to the point of production.

Eco-friendly materials and design

Production processes

Our production processes are designed to minimise waste and energy consumption.

Our cutting processes are optimised to ensure minimal textile wastage, and all of our garments are handmade to order, ensuring that we are left with no end-of-line surplus stock.

Our studio, which is LED lit and naturally air-conditioned, is powered by 80% renewable energy.

Packaging and shipping

We exclusively use recycled paper and ship orders in recycled and recyclable packaging.

ColieCo works with to make our shipping carbon-neutral. Carbonfund help us to calculate our shipping related emissions, and we offset these by funding their reforestation and forest preservation programme.  

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