ColieCo proudly operates on an eco-centric basis. This means that care for the environment is at the heart of our business decisionmaking and ingrained in our business model.

Materials and sourcing

We use a range of sustainable materials in the production of our garments. Each of the fabrics we choose when designing our collections is selected based on its environmental credentials as well as its quality.

And we pledge that every single fabric used to create every single ColieCo product will meet one of the following criteria:

The fabric is made from an inherently sustainable and sustainably processed natural fibre

These include the jersey and silk alternative fabrics made from organically-grown and closed loop processed bamboo found in our Bamboo collection

The fabric is made primarily from recycled materials

These include the recycled polyester fabric used in our RPET recycled collection, which is made primarily from reconstituted plastic drinks bottles

The fabric is reclaimed from fashion industry deadstock, line-ends or off-cuts otherwise destined for landfill

These include all of the mesh fabrics used in our Mesh collection (and elsewhere in the ColieCo range), all of the printed scuba jersey fabrics used in our Reclaimed prints collection, and all of the lycra fabrics used in our Swimwear collection

Where possible, we work with local manufacturers and suppliers to limit the transit of materials from source to the point of production.

All of our elastics are manufactured in Europe by a supplier carrying OEKO-TEX STeP certification for sustainable textile production. And where we commission printed fabric, the work is undertaken via an eco-friendly, zero-waste process of sublimation printing here in Portugal.

You can find more information about each and every fabric we use here.

Eco-friendly materials and design

Production processes

Our production processes are designed and continually improved to minimise waste and minimise energy consumption.

All of our garments are handmade to order, ensuring that we are left with no unsold, end-of-line surplus stock. Our cutting process is also optimised to ensure we waste as little fabric as possible. Rather than bulk cutting - a process responsible for much of the textile waste produced by the fashion industry - we manually cut each pattern piece, meaning that we get best use from even the smallest pieces of fabric.

Our purpose built studio is naturally and LED lit, is naturally air-conditioned, and is powered by 80% renewable energy.

Packaging and shipping

We exclusively use recycled paper and card across all of our supplies, and ship orders in recycled-and-recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

ColieCo works with to offset all of our shipping-related emissions, leaving the delivery of your order carbon-neutral. Carbonfund help us calculate these emissions, which we offset by funding their reforestation and forest preservation programme.

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