Custom orders

At ColieCo, we appreciate that every body (and everybody!) is unique, and we also don't like people being left out! As such, we welcome requests for custom-sized garments.

Placing an order for a custom-sized item

If you find that your measurements sit outside our standard sizes, drop us an email at with your measurements (find out what we'll need below) and we'll confirm that we can meet your needs. 

Please be aware that as we'll need to create a new pattern for your custom item, we may need to charge you a little extra. 

What we'll need

If you are buying a bra or top, we'll need to know (in centimetres or inches):

  • Overbust - the distance around your body across the fullest part of the bust
  • Underbust - the distance around your body directly underneath your bust

If you are buying panties or leggings, we'll need to know (in centimetres or inches):

  • Waist - the distance around your body at your natural waistline, located above your belly button and below your ribs
  • High hip - the distance around your body at the top of your hip curve
  • Hip - the distance around your body at your hips' widest point

If you are buying a bodysuit or bikini, we'll need both!

Custom sized lingerie on three models

Other customisation requests

For other customisation requests - shapes, styles and fabrics - please email us at We'll always get back to you super-quick!

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