Ethical production

In-house production

Every single garment bearing the ColieCo label is handmade to order in our small, in-house studio in Sagres, Portugal. 

We pride ourselves in the care and attention to detail in our processes, from hand-drafting patterns and carefully selecting fabrics, through to hand-finishing and packing each order. 

Ethically made, and made to last

ColieCo products are exclusively made by highly-skilled workers and are constructed to last.

As we only manufacture in-house, we're able to guarantee that everyone involved in the construction of your lingerie and swimwear is treated fairly, is paid a fair living wage, and works in safe and comfortable conditions.

Most brands audit the factories of their suppliers once or twice per year. We're able to guarantee the conditions our entire team is working under every single minute our studio is open.

Ethically handmade lingerie

Our suppliers

We expect the businesses we work with to recognise the same ethical and environmental standards we demand of ourselves.

Most of our suppliers are based in Europe and subject to EU directives on the fair treatment of workers, working conditions, and the environment. This includes the manufacturers as well as the suppliers of several of our fabrics, the manufacturers of our elastics, our fabric printing partner, and most of our packaging suppliers.

Trust in indies

We are also big believers in supporting other independent small businesses.

For us, indies offer authenticity, individuality, transparency, variety, and care and quality in their products. This is why we work with independent suppliers wherever we can, including in design, printing and photography.

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