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About the ColieCo blog

The ColieCo blog is your one stop shop for our latest news, updates and articles on ethical and sustainable fashion.

As well as delivering news about exciting new collections, designs, fabrics, collaborations and projects, we wanted to use the blog to share with you all our thoughts and ideas on what's happening across the fashion and textiles industries more widely. And particularly in these industries' impacts on the people they touch and the environment.

The world in which the fashion industry operates is changing, and the industry is failing to recognise - let alone keep pace with - this change. Public awareness about the deep systemic issues with human rights and environmental abuses that the industry has developed has widened.

Meanwhile, the world's leading fashion brands have overwhemingly ignored increasing public concern, choosing instead to continue along their well-worn and familiar path - producing ever cheaper, ever more highly disposable garments, scaling up their production, and delivering more collections each year than the previous.

Thankfully, there is an alternative to the fast fashion model. More and more small, independent ethical and sustainable fashion brands are emerging, offering a different vision for the future of the industry. Producing to order to reduce textile waste. Manufacturing exclusively in safe and comfortable work environments, and paying their garment workers a living wage. Upcycling reclaimed fabrics and partnering with innovators in sustainable textile production. Focussed on garment longevity and circularity. Delivering a refreshing new transparency in their processes. Recognising and addressing the social impacts of their business decisions.

This is also our vision for the future of fashion. It is small, eco-centric, worker-led, socially-conscious, innovative and collaborative. And we want to share stories about our journey - and the journeys of other similar-minded brands, activists, and creatives - along this path with you.

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