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KALEIDOSCOPE mesh lingerie set
Regular price€ 82.00
ASTER premium mesh lingerie set
Regular price€ 140.00
LANA OUVERT mesh lingerie set
Regular price€ 82.00
ASTER three piece mesh lingerie set
Regular price€ 102.00
ASTER mesh soft cup bra
Regular price€ 40.00
ASTER mesh halter neck bra
Regular price€ 44.00
HEARTBREAKER thigh harness (pair)
Regular price€ 40.50
MIDNIGHT THONG mesh lingerie set
Regular price€ 69.00
MIDNIGHT RETRO mesh lingerie set
Regular price€ 63.00
JESSICA mesh lingerie set
Regular price€ 76.00
SALEMA mesh lingerie set
Regular price€ 73.00


Mesh collection

Designed for style, sophistication and comfort, our mesh lingerie is your secret weapon for feeling ultimately confident and comfortable throughout the day, and into your night time adventures.

All of the mesh we use is rescued by our suppliers from lingerie and mainstream fashion industry offcuts, line-ends and deadstock, before being hand-selected by ColieCo for our collection. Working this way we're able to create chic, sensual, classic mesh lingerie, without the classic carbon footprint.

Our mesh collection features wire-free soft cup bras and bralettes, panties and thongslingerie sets, bodysuits and accessories, all available in your choice of stretchy and supportive, sustainably-sourced mesh fabrics.

Choose from six different colours of sheer, seductive mesh: black, white, orange, navy, turquoise and purple. Once you've made your choice, your mesh lingerie will be expertly hand-crafted in the ColieCo Studio - just for you - and ready to ship in just 1-2 weeks. Timeless, alluring elegance. Zero compromises on ethical design and manufacture. What are you waiting for?

And don't forget to pick up one of our GUPPYFRIEND washing bags! These amazing bags do two things when you machine wash your clothes: help keep your lingerie, underwear and swimwear looking as good as possible for as long as possible, and capture any microfibres they release, preventing them from entering rivers and oceans.

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