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It's Oh So Quiet... shhhh... shhhh...


The blog has been so quiet recently you'd be forgiven for thinking we've been hibernating here at ColieCo central. But although a little dust might have gathered on the trusty old typewriter, it hasn't been inactivity or vacuity that's kept us quiet - in fact, quite the opposite.

As well as having a record-breaking holiday season - which saw a frenzy of activity in the studio to ensure that you all received your orders on time and gift-ready for Christmas Day and Valentine's Day - we've been busy with new designs, new materials and new hardware to make sure that we kicked 2019 off in style!

Here's a quick rundown on what we've been up to...

The new ASTRID collection

If you're with us on social media (and if not, WHY NOT?!), of all of the spring's activity, we're most excited about our brand new ASTRID collection.

ASTRID summons the celestial queens of the galaxy's most ethereal boudoirs with a five piece collection, comprising two brand new soft cup bra designs, low rise and high waist knickers, and elysian and flighty french knickers.


ASTRID collection by ColieCo


The collection pairs our existing super high-quality sheer black power mesh with a soft and stretchy jersey fabric featuring ColieCo's brand new and exclusive Lost in Space print.

To realize this fabric, we've teamed up with the same family-run printhouse that printed the design we use in our GOLDFINCH collection. One of ColieCo's key principles is that we work wherever possible with other small, independent businesses, and, once again, we're delighted with the results.

As with our Goldfinch & Asters print, the image used in our Lost in Space design is applied to the fabric using a digital printing process. This minimises energy use, water waste and material waste in accordance with our production principles. 

ASTRID launched in March and we've had a fantastic response from customers. Thanks to all of those who have ordered already and returned such wonderful feedback!

UPDATE for 2021! The ASTRID collection now has even stronger sustainable credentials - we're replaced the jersey fabric with our brand new RPET recycled fabric.

One small step for pants, one giant leap for pantskind (or something)

As well as featuring in our ASTRID collection, the Lost in Space print is now an option for customers lusting after any (or all!) of our ASTER and POPPY lingerie sets.


Lost in Space fabric print by ColieCo


New 'zero-carbon' reclaimed fabrics

Long-time ColieCo followers will know that all of the the fabrics featured in our Floral Prints collection are offcuts and roll ends reclaimed from mainstream fashion industry waste.

These unwanted cuts (also frequently described as 'remnants' or 'line ends') are often destined for landfill before being rescued by our suppliers and given a second chance at life thanks to ColieCo customers.


Reclaimed fabric rolls


Fashion and textile industry fabric waste is one of the most environmentally damaging elements of the industry, because it sees - in unjustifiably high proportions - fabrics that have already been through the often painfully damaging lifecycle processes of culture, yarn production, cleaning, finishing, dyeing, and shipping countless times then simply discarded in their hundreds of metres.

And this happens simply because the margins of industrial scale operations are best served by the employment of processes that focus on the pace and agility of output, rather than the consideration of environmental impacts and sustainability.

In the worst cases, fabrics that have been commissioned by fast fashion retailers are dumped in their entirety even before the garments they were destined to create ever see high street shelves.

Bottom line: these frighteningly damaging practices have to stop; and we'll be writing more about this in a forthcoming blog article on the hugely important part that consumers have to play in forcing the hand of the fashion industry. In the meantime, you can ensure that you help minimise the impact of this neglect by giving one of our new rescued fabrics a purpose.

Introducing the Rose Noir, Summer Lilies, and very-soon-to-be-available Wild Amethyst prints, all available in your choice of over 30 mix-and-match ColieCo designs.


New reclaimed fabric prints by ColieCo


And introducing the newest member of our team...

This month we welcomed Bertha to the ColieCo team.

Bertha is from Kaiserslautern in Germany and will be working with us in the ColieCo studio. She knows 27 different stitches, is highly adept working with stretch fabrics, and has a cat sticker.


Bertha the Pfaff select 3.2 sewing machine


Bertha is a beautiful, shiny new Pfaff Select 3.2 sewing machine, with advanced Integrated Dual Feed, easy select variable stitch width, and an extra-high presser foot clearance. She is already very happily setting about helping the rest of the team ensure that you receive exceptionally-constructed ethically-handmade lingerie every time you shop.

Boris, our longest-serving and most loyal machine (a Pfaff Select 3.0 for any other #sewinggeeks out there) isn't nearly ready for retirement yet, but he's already appreciating a little of the load coming off.

What's coming up...

So you're all fully up-to-date!

Next time out we'll be delivering ColieCo's long-promised perspective on how you can cut the carbon cost of your wardrobe, with five practical and easy to follow suggestions for fellow eco-conscious fashionistas.

If you have thoughts or feedback on the blog, the ASTRID collection, Lost in Space or our new reclaimed fabrics, let us know.

You can find ColieCo across social media or contact us directly by email.

Nicole x


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