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Introducing... Organically-Grown Bamboo Silk

At ColieCo Lingerie we've been working with bamboo fabrics for several years.

Our DAISY romper as well as our customer favourite MONA french knickers, are handmade here in the ColieCo studio from a jersey fabric made from organically-grown bamboo.

And we're in love with this material! Not only is it lightweight, super soft and breathable, it's also super sustainable.


DAISY organic bamboo romper by ColieCo Lingerie


As a raw material, bamboo has many environmental benefits over cotton. The plant produces a high-density, high-yield crop, capturing much higher amounts of CO2 than even young forests. It also minimises soil erosion, and requires no irrigation, pesticides or fertilisers.

These inherent eco-credentials of bamboo are part of the reason why we're so excited to be introducing our new ARAYA mini collection, featuring a brand new bamboo fabric!

Organically-grown bamboo silk

Our bamboo silk fabric offers the same inherent environmental benefits as our bamboo jersey.

The two fabrics also share many of the same physical attributes: bamboo silk is lightweight, soft and highly breathable.



The big difference between the two is in the finish of the fabric, with bamboo silk presenting a super smooth and luxurious satin feel, and the characteristic lustrous sheen of traditional silk.

Closed-loop manufacturing

In recent years, bamboo fabrics have received some (very warranted) bad press due to the nature of the strong chemicals used to break down and dissolve the raw bamboo ready for spinning and weaving.

In some cases, bamboo fabric manufacturers have allowed toxic chemicals to be released into the environment.

As with our bamboo jersey fabric, our bamboo silk is manufactured in a closed-loop system, meaning that the chemicals used to break down the bamboo cellulose from the raw freshly-harvested bamboo (in order to separate the bamboo fibres ready for weaving) are retained, reused and prevented from entering the outside environment.

Certifiably sustainable

Our bamboo silk fabric is made from ECOCERT certified organically-grown bamboo sourced only from FSC-certified forests. FSC certification guarantees that the raw material used to make our fabric comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

And the closed-loop process used to transform the raw bamboo material into our bamboo silk fabric carries ISO 14000 Environmental Management certification.

Finally, our bamboo jersey and bamboo silk fabrics are both OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified, leaving ColieCo customers comfortable in the knowledge that the material used to make their lingerie is free from any harmful chemicals.

Vegans rejoice!

Not only does our organic bamboo silk tick the sustainability box, but it is also 100% vegan!

Introducing the ARAYA collection

The ARAYA demi-cup bra is wire-free to provide you with maximum comfort. It features full wings and light boning for added support, and eye-catching panels of sheer, stretchy black power mesh sustainably-sourced from fast fashion industry line ends.



The ARAYA mid-rise panties also sport sheer power mesh panels, and feature ColieCo's trademark adjustable rear satin strap for a perfectly snug fit!

Both pieces are available to purchase separately, or together in one of our beautifully packaged, gift-ready lingerie sets, available with or without the accompanying ARAYA leg harness.


ARAYA organic bamboo silk lingerie set by ColieCo


As always, our ARAYA set is available in standard and custom sizes.

If you're unsure which size to order or you need a custom fit, drop us a message with your measurements and we'll set up a custom order for you.

We hope you're as excited about the new collection as we are! Let us know what you think - connect us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to join the discussion!

Nicole x

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