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Charity Knickers! Campaign - Thank You For Your Support!

Charity Knickers!

Last December we launched our Charity Knickers! campaign in the ColieCo Etsy store, offering Etsy shoppers the opportunity to pick up a pair of our customer-favourite ALEXA low rise panties at a special reduced price, with all profits going to Amnesty International.

To add a fun twist to proceedings, each pair of knickers we made from a randomly-selected fabric, with customers waiting until delivery day to see which of our wide range of reclaimed scuba jersey prints their new lingerie had been made up in!


Charity Knickers! campaign by ColieCo


We were delighted with the response to the Charity Knickers! campaign, and are very pleased to announce that we've now completed the donation of all of the profits to Amnistia Internacional, the Portuguese (and our local) arm of Amnesty.

Supporting Amnesty International

At ColieCo Lingerie, we are long-time supporters of Amnesty International. For those who might not be so familiar with the organisation, Amnesty is a 57 year-old global movement of more than 7 million people who campaign to end abuses of human rights.

Amnesty and its supporters actively work in all kinds of areas as diverse as armed conflict, corporate accountability, capital punishment, discrimination and equality, refugee and asylum rights, sexual and reproductive rights, and torture.


Amnesty International logo


You can learn more about Amnesty International, about the causes they support, their campaigns and how you can help them further here.

Your Charity Knickers! purchases are already helping Amnesty make a real difference in their demands for justice and an end to impunity wherever human rights violations occur - and we join them in thanking you for that.

What next? Your ideas for our next charity campaign

Given the interest in Charity Knickers!, we'll be repeating the campaign - maybe in a slightly different format - in the not-too-distant future.

Anyone who has any fun ideas about what they'd like to see us offer next time around, or about other worthy organisations they'd like to see ColieCo and our customers connect with, should get in touch with us via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to get the conversation going!

Heartfelt thanks once again for your engagement with the Charity Knickers! campaign and for your support.

Nicole x

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