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Life's A Beach... Bikini Shoot Behind The Scenes


Shooting our latest bikini set

This week we had the absolute pleasure of taking our latest bikini for a test run at one of our local beaches here in Sagres.

Particularly for those who aren't familiar with this special part of Portugal, I thought it might be fun to show you some footage of the protected Costa Vicentina Natural Park in which each and every one of your ColieCo pieces (both lingerie and swimwear) is made, as well as our brand new HAZEL cut out bikini set.

Italian photographer Massimo Pardini, who also lives and works in Sagres, came along to our Portuguese picnic to take some shots of Brazilian travel writer, ethical travel proponent and all-round hot mama Marisa Megan.

We think the bikini looks awesome in the Flower Child fabric print Marisa is rocking, but also can't wait to see orders coming in your different fabric choices! 

So enjoy the video, and check back on our Instagram feed to see more photos of the HAZEL set in the very near future.

Nicole x


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