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6 Spooktastic Halloween Costume Ideas For Lingerie Lovers


As an ominous moon casts an eerie glow upon the desolate streets, and a chilling breeze whispers secrets of the macabre, it can mean only one thing:

Halloween is creeping closer, and the time for every lingerie enthusiast to unleash their inner enchantress is nigh!

Gather 'round, dear readers, for we are about to embark on a journey through the other-worldly realm of lingerie-themed, Halloween costume inspiration, where the lines between sinistrous style, devilish dark humour and spine-tingling seduction blur like a ghostly apparition in the night!


A Halloween costume featuring the ASTER three piece lingerie set by ColieCo


In this blog post, we present six tantalizing and daring Halloween costume ideas, all inspired by the most supernaturally spectacular of selections from the uniquely enticing, luxurious and (of course!) sustainable ColieCo collection. 

If you're a lingerista looking to make a bewitching statement this Halloween, look no further than our spooky suggestions, which offer a perfect starting point for crafting your own sleek and sexy lingerie-themed costumes that will leave everyone spellbound. 

1. Film Noir Femme Fatale

In the dimly lit underbelly of the city, where shadows play their wicked games, there exists a presence that defies comprehension, a beguiling enigma whose allure is as lethal as it is irresistible.

With raven hair cascading like a waterfall of midnight, she moves in silence. And beware the quiet ones, for in her demure elegance lies a chilling truth - she is the embodiment of temptation, a haunting spectre of seduction and doom in the realm of shadows and horrors!


A lingerie inspired Halloween costume idea for a film noir femme fatale


Become the quintessential film noir femme fatale with ColieCo's bold and daring JESSICA harness lingerie set. The JESSICA set features a strappy soft cup bra and harness knickers in sustainably-sourced sheer, stretchy reclaimed mesh. Layers of mesh create eye-catching patterns of light and shade, as well as helping shape the bust.

The combination of striking strappy details and lustrous luxury mesh fabric will transform you into an apex seductress!

Pair the set with a slinky black mini dress, fishnet stockings, a vampy red lip and a Veronica Lake wig. Accessorize with either a wide brim floppy hat or a netted fascinator (hunt both down in your local vintage store) and a statement choker for that classic femme fatale allure.

This costume is for those who love to embrace and exercise their inner power and captivate with every step they take.

2. Forest Fairy Temptress

Amidst the gnarled trees and moonlit glades of an otherworldly forest, a deceptively adorable presence resides. Meet the enchanted forest fairy, a cherubic apparition with sparkling eyes and a mischievous grin.

But do not be fooled by her cute facade, for behind those innocent giggles lies a malevolent cunning. With a flick of her dainty wings, she weaves spells of seduction, ensnaring unsuspecting men in her whimsical trap!


A Halloween costume idea for a mermaid


Become the forest fairy temptress and exude an aura of enchantment with ColieCo's CHERRY soft cup bra in the Forest Floor print choice. Like all of the designs in our Reclaimed Prints collection, Forest Floor is a reclaimed fabric rescued by our suppliers from a discarded fast fashion line end. So by choosing the CHERRY bralette, you can be sure that you're living, as well as playing, the role of nature's protector!

Pair with a thrifted flowy and ethereal skirt or for the truly daring, our POPPY high waisted harness panties in the same print.

Accessorize with a pair of bewitching wings, and a touch of eerie green and silver makeup for an otherworldly look, and complete the ensemble with a crown of flowers and leaves.

This costume is perfect for those who like to keep it fun and frolicky, or those with a penchant for ethereal supernatural beauty.

3. Gothic Vamp

In a gaslit, cobblestone alley of 19th century London, a creature of timeless allure emerges from the shadows. Meet the Victorian-era vampiress, a bewitching beauty with an insatiable thirst for power and blood.

The embodiment of immortal terror, she prowls through the night, enchanting unsuspecting men with a glance. Beneath the layers of corsets and lace, her charm is a malevolent force that controls the hearts and minds of those who dare to gaze upon her!


A lingerie inspired Halloween costume idea for a sexy vampiress


Step into the enigmatic elegance of a bygone era with this gothic Victorian vamp look inspired by ColieCo's frilly SALEMA lingerie set. Like most of the designs in our Reclaimed Mesh collection, SALEMA is available in six different colours of sustainably-sourced, sheer and luxurious power mesh, so here you could choose the classic black colourway, or opt for our new rich deep purple option.

And as with our Reclaimed Prints collection, you can rest assured that all of the fabric we use in our Reclaimed Mesh collection has been rescued from mainstream lingerie industry line-ends, making it the sustainable option for mesh lingerie. 

Combine with a vintage lacy black corset and a flowing velvet skirt, and add dramatic lace gloves, a vintage choker and a velvet top hat for an air of aristocratic allure.

A dark and dramatic makeup look with a hint of red on the lips and the obligatory pointy teeth will complete this timelessly elegant costume.

4. Mercurial Mermaid

Beneath the moon's haunting reflection on a still ocean, a siren's song whispers through the night, a mournful melody that spells doom for any sailor who dares to listen.

Meet the seductress of the ocean, a mermaid of unparalleled beauty, her long, flowing tresses glistening with the mysteries of the deep. Her voice, a haunting symphony, lures seafarers to their watery graves with promises of love and solace!


A lingerie inspired Halloween costume idea for a mermaid


Take inspiration from the deep blue depths and transform yourself into a hauntingly beautiful mermaid, with ColieCo's stunning velvet green ZOEY TENCEL wrap bra as the perfect base.

Our TENCEL™ Intimate collection is hand-crafted from a TENCEL™ Lyocell fabric widely recognised as being amongst the most environmentally friendly options for all clothing. Meaning that your fellow sea-dwelling creatures of all varieties will approve of your choice!

Add a shimmering fishtail skirt or velvet green flares (both vintage store staples!) and iridescent accessories to complete the aquatic allure. For an added touch of magic, adorn yourself with sea-themed jewelry and a mesmerizing makeup look of oceanic greens and blues.

5. Warrior Queen of the Night

Amidst the neon-soaked decadence of the 1980s disco scene, a new kind of horror emerges - the warrior queen of the night! Drenched in bold and bright colors, she glides through the night on roller skates, an enigmatic siren of the dance floor.

With a Walkman clutched to her chest, she struts to the rhythm of death, her headphones concealing a deadly secret. Men fall prey to her charms, only to be ensnared by those coiled cords, her weapon of choice!


A Halloween costume idea for a disco roller queen


Become the merciless diva of a cult horror nightmare, the Warrior Queen of the Night - a lethal icon of the '80s! Pair ColieCo's LAYLA crop top bra and LAYLA mid rise panties in our funktastic Cali Dreamer print choice with a pair of knee high socks and vintage roller boots to create an empowering ensemble fit for any disco queen.

Barbie costumes are set to be high on everyone’s list this Halloween, but go one better and opt for this authentic vintage style. Get your friends together and match your outfits for maximum effect!

6. Seductive Catwoman

A mischievous seductress prowls the shadows: the elusive Catwoman. Clad in sleek black, head to toe, and armed with an irreverent spirit, she's more playful than predatory, but her claws have a wicked bite...

With a saucy wink and a sly smile, she toys with men who fall under her enchanting spell, making them dance to her tune before meting out her own unique brand of punishment!


A lingerie inspired Halloween costume idea for a sexy catwoman


Transform into a seductive and subversive feline with this Catwoman-inspired costume. ColieCo's sleek and sensual MIDNIGHT THONG lingerie set is the perfect foundation for this look. Featuring our best-selling, wire-free MIDNIGHT soft cup bra and MIDNIGHT strappy thong in your choice of power mesh colours (here the obvious choice is black, but sometimes the obvious choice isn't necessarily the best!), this set is a guaranteed box office hit!

If you don't have one in your wardrobe already, rent a form-fitting black catsuit, and add cat ears and a whip for that classic Catwoman allure. Play up the sultry mystique with a cat's-eye makeup look and a touch of smoky eyeshadow. 

This costume is a classic, which never fails to deliver a purrrrrrfect Halloween night.

A fright to remember!

We've summoned the creepiest, the cleverest, and the most captivating Halloween attire to ensure that, this year, your costume is the stuff of spine-tingling legend! 

These six sleek and spooktastic costume ideas, inspired by our very own enchanting and empowering lingerie sets, have been designed to leave you feeling confident, alluring, and ready to bewitch all those in your path.

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts too! Join in the fun on our Insta, FB and TikTok channels and show us your own costume creations featuring ColieCo designs. Don't forget to tag our accounts in your posts and use the #ColieCo hashtag so we can share the love.

Happy haunting!

Nicole x

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